Georgetown Horticultural Society

Georgetown Horticultural Society
Celebrated Our 100th in 2020

Our Beginning - 1920

Researched and compiled by Sandra Williamson

Aerial View of Georgetown in the 1920's.

St. John's United Church and the Town Hall are seen on the left of the photo.
Queen Street stretches as a broad Avenue on the right.
This photo has been copied from the collection of the
Ontario Archives in Toronto, (Ref.#: ACC 2455 S5816)

1920 March 31st - The Herald Newspaper

The objects of a Horticultural Society such as it is proposed to organize in Georgetown, shall be to encourage improvement in horticulture by holding meetings for discussion and for hearing lectures on subjects connected with the theory and practice of improved horticulture by holding exhibition and awarding premiums for the production of vegetables, plants, flowers, fruits, trees and shrubs; by the distribution of seeds, plants, bulbs, flowers, shrubs and trees in ways calculated to create an interest in horticulture; by promoting the circulation of horticultural periodicals; by encouraging the improvement of home and public grounds, by the planting of trees, shrubs and flowers, and by otherwise promoting outdoor and public beauty; by offering prizes for essays on questions relating to horticulture; by importing and otherwise procuring and distributing seed, plants, shrubs, and trees of new and valuable kinds.

Main Street, Georgetown

Date of Original: 1919
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Collection: Georgetown Tweedsmuir

1920 April 14th - The Herald Newspaper

The Georgetown Horticultural Society was organized on Monday evening April 12th. As a result of the canvass made under the direction of the Civic Committee of the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce, one hundred and twenty eight members have already been secured. Owing to the inclemency of the weather the canvass has not been quite completed. Will all who desire to do so, kindly send in membership fee of one dollar to Mr. H.R. Mimms of the Merchant's Bank, Sec.-Treas. of the Society.

Each member will have the right to select from the premium list which will be issued at an early date, by the society, from seventy-five cents to a dollar's worth of seeds, shrubs, bulbs etc. free for use upon their own premises. About fifty members were present on Monday evening when the following officers and directors were elected, all of whom, are asked to meet in the Rest Rooms on Friday eve'g of this week at 8 o'clock. Following are the officers:

Hon. Pres - Mr. C.W. Papst
President - Rev. W.L. Davidson
1st Vice Pres. - Prof. H.L. Hutt
2nd Vice Pres. - Mrs. R.F. Bessey
Sec.-Treas. - Mr. H.R. Mimms


(one year term) - Messrs. Geo. Wrigglesworth, Everett Cole, J.H. Bingham. Madams - D.J. Matthew, R.I. Creelman

(two year term) - Messrs. D.L. Herbert, D. McIntyre. Madams - C.C. Roe, J. Tracy, Miss Currie.

Auditors - Messrs. L.V. Hourigan and G.C. Mackay

Miss M.E. Currie
1920 Two Year Director

Miss Currie (on the left) standing in front of Glen School, 1912.

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Collection: Una Wheeler
Esquesing Historical Society
Pictures and Information from Halton Local Historical Database

1920 April 14th - The Herald Newspaper

Join the Horticultural Society and help make Georgetown more beautiful.

Mr. L.E. Fleck
1920 Prize Committee

L. Edward Fleck (1882-1961) He came to Georgetown in 1905 from Kalamazoo, Michigan. He was manager and vice-president of Georgetown Coated Papers from its founding in 1910 until 1947. Mr. L.E. Fleck was also a Georgetown Reeve from 1914-1916.

This card was for his election as public school trustee in 1919.

Home of Edward L. Fleck on Mountainview Road directly south-east of the
Grand Trunk Railway tracks.

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Date of Original: 1913; 1919; 1919
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Information from Halton Local Historical Database

Rev. R.F. Cameron
1920 Prize Committee

Rev. R.F. Cameron who is to be inducted at an early date into the pastorate of the Georgetown and Limehouse churches, is a graduate of Knox College. He has for some time been pastor of the church at North Esethrope, near Stratford, where his services have been highly successful and much appreciated. He will be welcomed to Georgetown citizenship and to membership in the Georgetown Ministerial Association.

And, by the way, what greater earthly privileges could anyone desire?

Information from Halton Local Historical Database

1920 April 28th - The Herald Newspaper

Clean-Up Day The Horticultural Society in cooperation with the town Council request all the citizens to join in a general clean-up day, Thursday May 6th.

Our town has many natural attractive features but there are many eye sores and much rubbish. Let us as a community correct this condition, make the rake and spade popular on May 6th.
The town will furnish teams for the removal of refuse, if the citizens will place it conveniently in front of their property.

Mr. L.E. Fleck and Mr. Willoughby, both on the Prize Committee,
founded Georgetown Coated Paper Mills.

Date: c.1920
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Collection: Esquesing Historical Society
Information from Halton Local Historical Database

1920 April 28th - The Herald Newspaper

(Photo courtesy of Richard Cartwright Publicity and Archives St.Thomas & District Horticultural Society

Georgetown More Beautiful Interesting Address by Dr. Bennett of St. Thomas

On Wednesday evening, April 21st, the Members of the Local Horticultural Society and their friends were entertained by Dr. Bennett, President of the St. Thomas Horticultural Society. The evening was pleasantly spent in listening to an interesting talk, giving the development of the St. Thomas Organization and illustrated with numerous lantern slides.

St. Thomas has enjoyed an enviable reputation for a number of years for its beautiful parks, boulevards and home surrounding and by the illustrations shown Dr. Bennett amply justified the same. Georgetown has wonderful opportunities for beautifying its surrounding and in co-operating with the Horticultural Society in our own town, ample demonstration was given of what could be accomplished. Dr. Bennett showed that from a business standpoint, a beautiful town was a source of attraction to industries desiring a location, who realize the benefits to their employees derived from pleasant surroundings as well as pleasure seekers, who bring their money to spend in such places. Also the effect on our children where school grounds are well kept and the love of flowers encouraged.

The Library building was filled to capacity showing the keen interest being taken in the new organization. It the Society continues to add to its membership it will require the use of a larger building for its entertainments.

The Society will have these from time to time to which all members and their friends are invited. At the conclusion of the entertainment a vote of thanks was voted to Dr. Bennett for his kindness in coming to Georgetown at this busy time.

Georgetown has a live Horticultural Society which is seeking the co-operation of our citizens to help them to make our town an attractive place to live in. Get behind our society and help it along and we will soon have a flower town in reality as well as in name.

Mrs. C.C. Roe
1920 Two year Director

Mrs. C.C. Roe was the Secretary of St. George's Church in 1902.

Information from Halton Local Historical Database

1920 April 28th - The Herald Newspaper

At a meeting of the Horticultural Society held Friday Evening, April 16th, the following committees were appointed:

Committee for Premium List - Messrs. H.L. Hutt (Convenor), C.W. Papst, W.L. Davidson.

Distribution Com. - Madams - R. Creelman (Convenor), C. Roe, D.J. Matthew. Messrs. - P.L. Harrison, D.L. Herbert, Geo. Wrigglesworth.

Public Plots Com. - Messrs. D.L. Herbert (Convenor), G. Wrigglesworth, D. McIntyre. Madams - R.F. Bessey, Mrs. J.M. Moore, Miss M.E. Currie.

Clean up Day Comm. - Messrs. - W.L. Davidson (Convenor), L.V. Hourigan, W.F. Bradley, Madams - E.C. Thompson, R. Ross, H. Kennedy, Miss Harrison.

Prize Com. - Madams - J.A. Willoughby, R.I. Creelman, H.B. Henderson. Messrs. - R.F. Cameron, L.E. Fleck, Wm. Burt, E.W. Cole.

Membership cards and Premium Lists have been mailed to all members of the society and they are asked to send in their orders to the Secretary not later than April 30th.

Persons wishing to join the society and to participate in the distribution of plants, etc., may do so up to that date.

Men's Group 1920

Back Row: J.M. Moore, J.B. Mackenzie, Elmer Thompson, K.C. Lindsay, LeRoy Dale,
Mr Aiken, R.H. Mimms, D. McIntyre, Hon. E.C. Drury, Premier of Ontario,
S.N. Wrigglesworth, Professor H.L. Hutt, Walter Evans, Councillor J.Rush, S. Kirk, J.J. Gibbons

Sitting: Harold Coffen, Lt. M. Kennedy, V. Thompson, Lt. John Kennedy, Charlie Best,
B. Gillies, W. Wilson, Clark Noble, Major L. Grant

R.H. Mimms - 1920 Secretary-Treasurer
D. McIntyre - 1920 2 Year Director
S.N. Wrigglesworth - 1920 1 Year Director
Prof. H.L. Hutt - 1920 1st Vice President
Major L. Grant - 1922 2nd Vice President

Date of Original: 1920
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Collection: Esquesing Historical Society
Picture from Halton Local Historical Database

1920 June 23rd - The Herald Newspaper

The Secretary of the Horticultural Society reports that several members did not receive their plants, owing to their names having been omitted from their order sheets. Those who have not received their plants may have their money refunded or receive bulbs in the fall. Will members who have not paid in full for their plants kindly send the amount owing to the Secretary: Mr. H.R. Mimms, at an early date.

Howard Laing Hutt
1st Vice President

Head, Horticulture Department, Guelph University, 1893-1908
Head, Department of Landscape Gardening, Guelph University, 1908-1914

Howard Laing Hutt became Head of the Horticulture Department at the University of Guelph in 1893 and under his leadership the first BSA degrees in horticulture were awarded. In 1908, Hutt organized a separate landscape gardening program and was Head of the Department of Landscape Gardening until his retirement. Hutt was also known for his legendary wit, which he shared with a regular humour column in a local Georgetown newspaper. The H. L. Hutt building opened in 1931 and was used for the offices of Bursar and President during the Second World War and currently houses the Department of Geography.

Through the years the department has contributed to the formation of many other units. In 1893, H.L. Hutt became Lecturer and Head of an integrated Horticultural Department with academic teaching plus "Farm" responsibilities. In that year, Hutt, as Official Visitor representing an OAC - OFGA Committee, began organizing Experimental Fruit Stations on growers' farms. In 1906 there were only 11 of the maximum of 15 operating, and what was to become HRIO was formed.

In 1946 a research station was established on the Holland (Bradford) Marsh; administration of this unit was taken over by Vineland Research Station in 1967-1968. The Department took over the Potato Program, including the Preston Potato Farm, from Field Husbandry in 1960. By 1987 the re-named Cambridge Research Station had evolved into a modern station. The Turfgrass Institute, formed in 1987, had historical horticultural precedents from the 1920's. Other units formed from the department or through departmental initiatives were: in 1957, the Grounds Department; 1960, the Horticultural Correspondence Courses; 1965, the School of Landscape Architecture; 1968, the Food Science Department; 1970, the Arboretum.

The oldest of seven children, Howard Laing Hutt was born on a farm in Stamford Township in Welland County on the Niagara Peninsula. After studying at Cornell University, Hutt graduated from OAC in 1891. He farmed two years with his father then was named lecturer and Head of the Horticulture Department at OAC in 1893.

Hutt combined OAC's practical and academic programs. In 1894, he promoted development of fruit experimental stations, which served as the beginning of co-operative testing of fruits. The first BSA degrees in horticulture were awarded in 1907 under his leadership. In 1908, Hutt organized plans for a separate landscape gardening program and was Head of the Department of Landscape Gardening until 1914. He retired in 1914 and purchased a farm near Georgetown, Ontario, where he operated a commercial horticultural business, consulted with Canadian Pacific Railway and shared his legendary wit with a regular humour column in local newspapers.

The horticulture building opened in 1931 and was praised as one of the most modern on the continent. It had unique features, such as six basement rooms supplied with a complete refrigeration plant that enabled experimentation in the storage of fruit and vegetables. There were three specially equipped rooms for testing the use of gas to prevent decay in fruit and vegetables. A massive external door opened to a room used for testing large farm equipment, reflecting the school's close ties to the agriculture industry. The president parked his car in this space along with the farm equipment.

During the Second World War, many campus buildings were taken over by the Royal Canadian air Force, thus the offices of bursar and president were relocated to the Horticulture Building until 1945.

The above information was copied from the University of Guelph's website

1920 September 22nd - The Herald Newspaper

All members of our Horticultural Society are asked to make exhibits at our fall fair next week.

Mr. E. Cole
1920 Prize Committee

Mr. Cole was the R. Secretary of the Royal Templars in 1902.

Information from Halton Local Historical Database

1920 September 29th - The Herald Newspaper

A meeting of the members of the Horticultural Society will be held in the Merchants Bank Rest Rooms, on Friday, Oct. 1st at 8 p.m.

John Bingham
1920 One Year Director

Standing outside the 'Old Bank'.

He was the office manager at the Alliance Paper Mills.

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Date of Original: 1949; 1913
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Collection: Esquesing Historical Society
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1920 October 6th - The Herald Newspaper

On Friday evening at 8 o'clock a lecture will be given in the Public Library auditorium by Prof. H.L. Hutt, on 'The planting of bulbs, etc.' This lecture will be illustrated. All members of the Society and their friends are invited. No admission fee.

The shipment of tulip and other bulbs has just arrived from Holland and will be sold to members of the Society at cost. Don't fail to get your share. Will be on sale at Hourigan's Drug Store on Saturday, Oct. 9th. Bulbs on sale for one week only. Balance will be placed in public plots. The Society plan to have a number of lectures by prominent people during the winter. The first will be given by Miss Durand of the Ontario Bird Protective Association toward the end of this month.

Will Bradley
1920 Clean Up Day Committee

Will Bradley (bottom right) was not a Bradley by birth. John Bradley found Will camped with his father at the back of the Bradley farm. When John asked them to move on, Will's father explained that he had no money or work, and entreated John to take his son. John needed someone to help on the farm as his own sons were not old enough, so he agreed and Will was raised a Bradley.

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Collection: Trafalgar Township Historical Society
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1920 October 13th - The Herald Newspaper

The bulbs for fall planting obtained by the Horticultural Society directly from Holland are on sale at Hourigan's Drug store. The bulbs will be sold to any one desiring some at cost. Not only members of the Society but others may enjoy the privilege.

In this shipment are contained many varieties of the most beautiful tulips, narcissus, etc.

Don't fail to get your share immediately.

Mrs. R.I. Creelman
1920 Distribution Committee Convenor

Home of Mrs. R.I. Creelman

Her husband Richard Irving Creelman was the owner of
Creelman Brothers Knitting Machinery Factory. Top to bottom
Local identifier: p108f.jpg; p897f.jpg
Collection: Esquesing Historical Society; Toronto Daily Mail
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Coal Wagon & Horse and Driver

Outside Mackenzie's building on James Street

Date of Original: c1920
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Collection: Esquesing Historical Society
Picture from Halton Local Historical Database

Mr. D. McIntyre
1920 Two Year Director

Hockey Club, 1927-28. Winners of the Halton League and Harris Cup.

Top: W.H. CLEAVES (Manager), W. FORD (Treasurer), Roy KING (Secretary), Ray HARLEY , Donald McINTYRE (President), Clarence KING, Wm. LONG (Committee), Nelson TUCK (Committee), Angus DUNCAN (Coach).

Centre: "Lefty", P.B., H.COLE, Lorne WALTERS, Johnny BUCK

Bottom: Pete REID, Bert TOST

Date of Original: 1928
Local identifier: p1f.jpg
Collection: Esquesing Historical Society

Georgetown Town Hall

Showing entrance to the public library

Date of Original: 17 Dec 1913 Local identifier: p109f.jpg Collection: Esquesing Historical Society

Mrs. J.A. Willoughby
1920 Prize Committee Convenor

Home of Mrs. Willoughby

Club House of Mr. and Mrs. J.A. Willoughby's Golf Course which opened in 1914. Is now the home of North Halton Golf Club.

Willoughby's Livery stable, now the Royal Canadian Legion.

Top to bottom
Local identifier: p658f.jpg; 'North Halton Golf and Country Club' a book by Janet Duval; p242f.jpg
Collection: Esquesing Historical Society and 'North Halton Golf and Country Club'a book by Janet Duval

Pictures and Information from Halton Local Historical Database and 'North Halton Golf and Country Club' a book by Janet Duval.