Georgetown Horticultural Society

Georgetown Horticultural Society - Calendar of Events

(Unless noted all events are held at St. George's Anglican Church, 60 Guelph Street, at 7:30 p.m.)

Flower Show and Special Awards


  • 11th - Palantine Rose Sales

  • 20th - Brian Bergman - Lilies for the Garden

  • 20th - Fall Flower Show

  • 23rd - District 6 Fall Breakfast Meeting

  • 26th - Landscape Ontario Trial Beds Tour
    10:00 am - meet in the parking lot

    7856 Fifth Line South, Milton (first driveway south of Steeles - road is open to the site)

    Have you ever wondered about those gardens you can see from the 401 just past Trafalgar Rd? They're the L.O. Trial beds, and are full of all sorts of glorious new things as well as some old favourites.

    We have a tour of these beds arranged with a L.O. Horticulturist who will take us through the various beds.

    Cost is a smile, and yes, you can bring friends as well. There will be a sign up sheet at the general meeting.

    For those not able to make our regular meeting, could you give Lil Taggart a call or email - just so we have a count of how many we can expect.

    Come see whats new, what thrives in our climate and enjoy the lovely colours! Hope to see you on the 26th.


  • 18th - Carol Pasternak - Getting Kids Gardening: Monarch Butterflies


  • 4th - District 6 Fall Dinner

  • 15th - Dana Shultz - Winterizing Your Garden


  • 6th - Christmas Pot Luck



  • 17th - Robert Pavlis - Lesser Known Spring Bulbs


  • 21st - Diana Pooke and Mary Megelink - Something Awesome


  • 21st - Shari-Lyn Safir - Tips and Tricks for Gardeners


  • 18th - Ken Brown - Vertical Vegetables


  • 16th - Ian Baird - Lavender


  • 20th - Grace Lockwood - Garden Design