Georgetown Horticultural Society

Georgetown Horticultural Society
Calendar of Events

All events are online until further notice
Norval United Church
14015 Danby Road, Georgetown L7G 0L8 , at 7:30 p.m.
Beside the Gellert Centre

Flower Show and Special Awards


District 6 is having 3 online auctions on the run up to our April 23 AGM.

Items must either be picked up in Caledonia, arranged to be picked up at the AGM, or we can mail at purchasers expense.

All items must be paid for before pickup.

Trying something new to us and we hope you all join in and help raise some funds that the District can then funnel back into societies. We want to be able to offer society incentives, sponsorship, bursaries, lots of ideas but need to raise the money to be able to give back.

May 6th - Plant Sale

May 18th - Don Scallen - Trees for Halton, and native plantings

June 15th - Sean James - It does not end in August

June 18th - Flower Show
Georgetown Marketplace Mall

June 23rd - Kokedama Workshop

June 26th - Garden Tour

July - OHA Convention

August 24th - Fall Container Workshop at DG's Greenhouses

September 21st - Sue Flinders- Adams
Christmas Cacti and 2 other holiday Cacti; Amaryllis for repeat blooming

September 21st - Flower Show

October 19th - Jocelyn Molyneux
Feed your Soil, Fuel your Family, Fight Climate Change

October 19th - Surprise Pumpkin Contest

December 7th - Pot Luck and design contest