Georgetown Horticultural Society

Georgetown Horticultural Society
Design Rules

1. All classes will be judged according to Ontario Judging and Exhibiting Standards publication for Horticulture, known as OJES Publication 2019.

2. All exhibitors must be members of the Society.

3. Each exhibitor (Experienced or General) may enter one design only in each class.

4. All materials may come from any source. However, the use of scarce, protected or endangered native plants, such as trilliums etc. requires that the exhibit be disqualified. See pages 138-139 in OJES for further details.

5. Natural materials may be used, including wood, rocks, etc., anything fresh or dried. Judicious use of painted plant material is allowed.

6. Exhibits must be entered at the times listed in the show schedule. TIMES FOR ACCEPTANCE OF ENTRIES WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED.

7. Exhibitors place their own designs a class. Only the exhibitor may move their entry or the show chair with the exhibitors permission.

8. No artificial plant material allowed.

9. Area allotted 60.96 cm (2') wide x 60.96 cm (2') deep; height unlimited. Please remember to only use 2/3 to 3/4 of the space allotted.

10. Classes designated "G" are for General entrants only. A General entrant is any member who has not taken 4 or more advanced floral design classes outside of the G.H.S.

11. Classes designated "E" are for Experienced entrants only. An Experienced entrant is any member who has taken 4 or more advanced floral design classes outside of the G.H.S.

12. Accessories are permitted in all design classes.