Georgetown Horticultural Society

Georgetown Horticultural Society - Executive and Volunteers

Here is the first announcement for the Society, as it appeared in the Georgetown Herald Newspaper March 31st, 1920:

The objects of a Horticultural Society such as it is proposed to organize in Georgetown, shall be to encourage improvement in horticulture by holding meetings for discussion and for hearing lectures on subjects connected with the theory and practice of improved horticulture; by holding exhibition and awarding premiums for the production of vegetables, plants, flowers, fruits, trees and shrubs; by the distribution of seeds, plants, bulbs, flowers, shrubs and tree in ways calculated to create an interest in horticulture; by promoting the circulations of horticultural periodicals; by encouraging the improvement of home and public grounds, by the planting of trees, shrubs and flowers, and by otherwise promoting outdoor and public beauty; by offering prizes for essays on questions relating to horticulture; by importing and otherwise procuring and distributing seed, plants, shrubs, and trees of new and valuable kinds.

Well though quite wordy for our times, it seems that not much has changed in 90 years! Below you will find a list of people that help in that endeavor. Please feel free to talk any one of them if you need assistance, we're here to help.

In 2010 we celebrated our 90th anniversary! If you'd like, here is a little bit of our history, 'Celebrating our 90th'

OHA Constitution By-Law Changes


President - Carol Mathison
Past President - Jo MacLean
Treasurer - Jane Leonard
Secretary -Lil Taggart

Director - Chris Briggs
Director - Doris Calder
Director - Dianne Kayess
Director - Ingrid Nordmeyer
Director - Janet Scott
Director - Sandra Williamson

Community Project Locations and Contact Information

Civic Centre Garden
City Hall
1 Halton Hills Drive
Contact: Dorinne Wagner

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Continuing Care Centre
Georgetown Hospital
Princess Anne Drive

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Greenwood Cemetery
King Street
Contact: Sandra Williamson

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Mary Street Parkette
Mary Street
Contact: Carol Mathison

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