Georgetown Horticultural Society

Georgetown Horticultural Society - Photo Contest

Wednesday January 15th, 2020
St. George's Anglican Church

Convenor: Ingrid Nordmeyer

Do you realize that there's a great way to enjoy gardening WITHOUT getting your hands dirty!! Take pictures in your garden, gardens you pass driving around, during vacations, anytime at all.� You'll have the pictures to enjoy year round and you can even enter them in the Photo Contest.

All exhibitors in the photo contest agree to let the Georgetown Horticultural Society keep all winning prints and to publish some, or all of them in the Yearbook, or other club projects, free of compensation and liability. The Georgetown Horticultural Society does not accept responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged prints.

Contest Rules

Photo entries are from 6:30 p.m. until 7:15 p.m. only.
Exhibitors must enter their name in the photo contest register.
Each photo must have exhibitor�s name and class entry on the back.
Photos must be placed by photo contest volunteers only.
No previously entered photographs.

All photos are to be garden related.
Up to three prints per category.
Photos can have been taken at any time.
Colour or black & white prints using any type of camera and software.
4 x 6 inch photos only. Photo must fill the entire print. No borders.

Winning prints must be left with the photo contest directors.
All non-winning prints (no ribbon awarded) must be picked up by the exhibitor 30 minutes after the show chair has declared the show open for viewing. Unclaimed prints will be disposed of.

No members are allowed in the show room during judging.
Exhibits not meeting entry rules will be disqualified.
All judging decisions are final. .

Class A - Winter Garden including Lights
Class B - Garden Habitat (can include child's play area or pets)
Class C - Around the Garden Shed - anything goes Class D - Art in the Garden - including landscaping
Class E - My Experiments (either with seeds or other) Class F - Harvest Time


Take some time and walk around your garden, looking for angles that you enjoy seeing. Look at these through the camera lens and imagine
you are looking at a painting. Move the lens to remove distracting/unwanted items so your 'frame' holds the image you want to look at.

For an overall shot of a garden, try taking the picture from a porch, or an upstairs window.

Get into your garden bed and shoot a picture from the back outward.

Try getting low to the ground for a different perspective.


Quality of light is critical. Bright sunshine is not the best light, as it washes out the colour of your subject.

The best time of day to photograph is early morning (just after sunrise), and for a couple hours after that.

Try an angle where the light is streaming in from the side, or behind the subject.

Avoid letting any direct light into the camera lens.

Try photographing on cloudy days. The lighting is even and will allow the colours to shine.