Georgetown Horticultural Society

Georgetown Horticultural Society - Membership Suvey

Please complete the on-line form so that we can better understand the needs of our members.

Let us know which activities you are interested in participating in. Check as many as you wish: Community Gardens:

Group Leader for Mary Street

Maintenance at Mary Street

Maintenance at Civic Centre

Group Leader for Hospital Entrance

Maintenance at Hospital Entrance

Group Leader for Hospital Courtyard

Maintenance at Hospital Courtyard


Entering Photo Contest

Entering Pumpkin Dessert Contest

Flower Shows:

Flower Show Chair

Flower Shows helping with setup and entry placement

Flower Shows entering plants/vegetables

Entering Floral Designs

Garden Tour:

Volunteering your garden

Helping the day of the tour

May Plant Sale:

Being on the planning committee

Help canvas for donations

Helping dig and pot plants

Helping on the day of the sale


Participating in Floral Design Workshops

Participating in Gardening Workshops

Other Activities:

Raffle Table selling tickets

Being on the Board of Directors

Providing and serving meeting refreshments

Yearbook helping canvas for advertising

Do you have an interest or special talent in areas such as floral or garden design, ecology, teaching, event planning, accounting, writing, graphic arts, photography, advertising /PR, etc., that you would like to employ or develop.

What topics or speakers would you like at our monthly meetings?:

Any other comments or suggestions:

First name:

Last name: