Georgetown Horticultural Society

Georgetown Horticultural Society - Pumpkin Dessert Contest

Wednesday October 17th, 2018
St. George's Anglican Church

Here it comes again...fall. After the coldest winter last year that I can remember, Iím somehow not ready to believe winter is on itís way. Thankfully we have the beauty of the autumn colours to look forward to and the Pumpkin Dessert Contest!

Open the cookbooks folks and start cooking! Itís time to share your talents with the rest of us. I for one love this contest as the goodies that come through the door make my mouth water with anticipation!

The categories for the dessert are:

  1. Pies and cakes
  2. Cookies, brownies, etc.
Please remember not to include nuts in the food due to allergies.

- Happy baking - Sandra Williamson